Create your own Crypto

We had a great time connecting with everyone at last months create your own crypto event. This event resulted in a a bunch of us holding some LIBC tokens on the testnet! 

I wanted to post the recording of the event here for anyone who missed it:


Create your own Cryto event next month!

We are super stoked to be giving the "Create your own Crypto" talk again next month, January 20th at 8pm EST. This will be a hands-on workshop event. Everyone will be distributed the tools they need right in your browser to hack along with me to create your own ERC20 token. 

You can RSVP to the event via the link below:

Once your sign up you will be able to see the link to our Zoom meeting. 

We may even try to mine the LIBC token to the mainnet!! 

How do LIQUIDITY POOLS work? (Uniswap, Curve, Balancer) | DEFI Explained

Liquidity pools such as Uniswap (Long Island cats!) seem to be taking over the Defi space. Here is an excellent explanation of what they are and how they work...

We have been lost in the chain...

Hey guys, 

It's been a while since this site has been online. We have not stopped learning and building in our local community. We experimented with various things and spent some time focusing on other things. But we want to put some energy into sharing and building amongst us.

There are so many exciting developments in the Blockchain community that we can't ignore it... and want to share! 

Check back soon for updates. We are just getting this site (and our community) back on its feet. 

We hope all is well during these crazy times!

LI Blockchain Virtual Meetup 1 - Identity on the Blockchain

We had our first virtual meetup this week. I think it went really well! The conversation was framed around identity on the blockchain. Below is a full capture of the meetup. 


A conversation with blockchain pioneer Joseph Lubin @ NEXT18

I found this talk interesting. Mr. Lubin outlines many different areas of development and some of the core philosophical ideas around Blockchain applications. 

I am particularly interested in the whole idea of identity on the public blockchains. The idea that we can develop systems that allow people to have agency over their information can create some very powerful effects in our networked society. Much of the information we leave over the Internet today we do not have agency over. Other businesses use our data, which we provide for free, in exchange for use of their platforms. I've always visualized this as striking oil... where our data is the oil, which we are providing for free. If ideas such as attention/data markets are built on top of our self-sovereign identities then individuals can generate income ways we haven't even imagined yet!