Create your own Crypto

We had a great time connecting with everyone at last months create your own crypto event. This event resulted in a a bunch of us holding some LIBC tokens on the testnet! 

I wanted to post the recording of the event here for anyone who missed it:


Create your own Cryto event next month!

We are super stoked to be giving the "Create your own Crypto" talk again next month, January 20th at 8pm EST. This will be a hands-on workshop event. Everyone will be distributed the tools they need right in your browser to hack along with me to create your own ERC20 token. 

You can RSVP to the event via the link below:

Once your sign up you will be able to see the link to our Zoom meeting. 

We may even try to mine the LIBC token to the mainnet!! 

We have been lost in the chain...

Hey guys, 

It's been a while since this site has been online. We have not stopped learning and building in our local community. We experimented with various things and spent some time focusing on other things. But we want to put some energy into sharing and building amongst us.

There are so many exciting developments in the Blockchain community that we can't ignore it... and want to share! 

Check back soon for updates. We are just getting this site (and our community) back on its feet. 

We hope all is well during these crazy times!

LI Blockchain Virtual Meetup 1 - Identity on the Blockchain

We had our first virtual meetup this week. I think it went really well! The conversation was framed around identity on the blockchain. Below is a full capture of the meetup. 


Hello Long Island!

Hey all! 

We started the Long Island Blockchain community with the goal of connecting people from different walks of life around the ideas and growing interest in blockchain technologies. Whether you are new to the idea of blockchain or have some experience we would love to connect and work together to grow a vibrant community here on Long Island! 

We would like to make our community as open as possible. We welcome members of the community to post content to our notes and/or syndicate their own blog in our news feeds. Shoot us a message via our contact form here and we will get you setup. 

If you are looking for our next meetup shoot over to our meetup page available here

We look forward to growing together! 

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